Liu He Ba Fa

Water Style Boxing – Water Form

Liu He Ba Fa or Water Style Boxing is a Chinese internal martial art who’s roots date back to the Song dynasty (960 – 1279). Although it is similar in some respects to Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Hsing-I and Bagua, Water Boxing has its’ own very distinct character and identity.

Liu He Ba Fa has remained until recently, relatively unknown in comparison with the three main internal Chinese martial arts, but has been gradually gaining more publicity over the past decade due largely to the development of the internet and websites such as

I was first introduced to Liu He Ba Fa around 2006 by my dear friend Paul Andrews, who met and became a student of Sifu Nathan Menaged of Columbus, Ohio USA. Sifu Nathan studied Water Boxing with the late Grandmaster Tao Ping Siang, who in turn was a student of the late Great Grandmaster Wu Yihui.

Paul brought Nathan to the UK for the first time a year or so later, and shortly afterwards I began to study this fascinating and beautiful art. I now train in Water Boxing under the guidance of my teacher Paul Andrews, who is Nathan’s UK representative, and travel to train directly with Sifu Nathan at several times throughout the year.

In September 2010 I was given permission to teach the choreography of the Water Form, along with Sifu Nathan’s Six Loosening Exercises.

If you are interested in learning Water Form, please contact me for further details.

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