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If you are viewing this part of my personal website for the first time, my name is Cheyne Towers and I provide solution-focused Hypnotherapy in Highgate, North London. Since January 2005 in my ongoing Hypnotherapy practice, I continue to have the great pleasure of helping a wide variety of clients lead happier, clearer and much more confident lives.

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Hypnosis has been used as a healing-art throughout all history, and is a completely safe and natural form of therapy, which has today become more widely known as Hypnotherapy.

The Healing Power of Hypnosis

Everything in life from the moment we draw our first breath suggests to us our impression of the world around us, whether good or bad, pleasant or painful. Every single experience creates within us a vast array of reactions, which colour our mental and emotional character and health. Therefore, if in our past we have a bad experience of one kind or another, this makes us wary, even fearful when confronted by similar situations in the present.

Within the vastness of one’s subconscious mind there exist a whole host of conditioned responses, which when faced with certain situations in the present can cause a person to react in ways which they seem to have no control over. However, the transformational power of the focused mind when properly directed by the will is a mighty tool, which can be effectively harnessed via hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness that allows the subconscious mind to restructure and free itself from any negative patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

Hypnotherapy in Highgate, gentle, caring and effective

The various methods of Hypnotherapy I use are designed to harness the full positive potential of the focused mind and will. The release of any negative conditioning simply and naturally takes place once we learn how to relax, release and let go of old tensions and anxieties, and it is precisely this profound experience of relaxation that is nurtured via hypnosis.

The approaches and techniques I use and have found to be the most effective with my clients, are a combination of indirect hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This means that the clients’ first session is spent discovering the root of the problem, and therefore I request that all new clients reserve two hours for their first appointment.

In many ways, the key to abundant health and well being is within us all, and how we think and feel can directly determine our quality of life,  so it’s well worth considering what we can do to transform our old negative tendencies and conditioning into profound and long lasting inner strengths.

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